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Initial DIY Mods

InitialDIYmods is a combination of my love for all things DIY, teaching, Anime like Initial D, and Mighty Car Mods. I start out modding my Honda Civic at age 16 and never looked back. It was finally turbocharged and 4 months later it was totaled in Atlanta traffic (Long story).

From there, I began modding my SRT4 almost immediately. Throughout college, it was a constant struggle debating whether to buy car parts or text books. So naturally I ended up borrowing text books from friends and ordering car parts for my SRT4 like the DiabloSport Trinity, Snow Performance Meth injection kit, hard pipes, and so on.


The SRT4 started having problems in 2013 and became an all-around nightmare just before my senior year in college. I eventually sold it and bought a 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L V6. Six months later I couldn't help myself and began modding again.

In college, I studied engineering, often working on my car in my spare time as well as watching shows like Mighty Car Mods, Roadkill or just having the Fast and Furious series on loop in the background while doing homework. During this time, I worked as a track coach in Atlanta teaching Pole Vaulting to high school students which helped fund my car part purchases.


After college, I moved for work to Texas and eventually Asia for a year (border of Malaysia and Singapore). During my time in Asia, I wasn't able to mod my car. I told myself when I came back to America, I would turbo the genesis immediately and film everything. 


Relying heavily on my engineering background, I modify cars aiming to fix issues or shortcomings where a car wasn’t up to my standards. Sometimes it was in regard to technology or creature comforts, but usually (and most importantly), for more power.

So with that, I welcome you to InitialDIYmods, where the idea of going to a shop is never the answer... Ok so I don't mount my own tires but that's it 😂

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