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After being a customer of for over two years, I wanted to write a little bit about my collective experiences over this time.

A bit of background on myself, I am an Engineer, an avid car enthusiast, and every car I have owned has had a turbo on it at some point. I first got into car at age 9 when I first saw The Fast and the Furious. Once I bought my first car at age 16 (a used 2004 Honda Civic with SOHC grandma spec), I decided I wanted to turbo it. Being in high school and not knowing anything about turbos, I turned to eBay and typed in Honda Civic Turbo kit. At the time, I had no idea about a/r trims, turbo sizing, cfm, compression ratio, matching flanges or anything else and I bought a turbo kit that had a "bolt on fit". After months of cutting pipes and flanges, having a shop custom weld new pieces, finding out what a slave cylinder does (after I chopped mine in half to make the apocalyptically large turbo fit), and after spending all of my hard earned McDonalds money, I had an oil spewing, turbo Honda civic with astronomical lag until about 5000 rpm.

Although this project taught me a lot, it created a significant amount of heart ache and wasted money but quitting wasn't an option. Four years later, I discovered I had just purchased the newly redesigned 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6. The car was fun and exciting until I got used to the power. That was when I started looking into turbo options and I realized was the only company developing it.

My first order was a test order for some supporting mods I would need. A new clutch, an upgraded radiator with hoses, Engine mounts, SS braided clutch and brake lines, and some other tidbits.

Spec Stage 2 Clutch and Steel Flywheel (Aug 2014)

At the time, there was limited information as to what would fit from the previous model to the current model and even the manufacturers didn't know. After sitting in a box for a few months, I found out Hyundai changed the subframe and the engine mounts wouldn't fit my vehicle. I thought, surely there is no way I can return these after this long. Tech support not only accepted my return, but they updated the product listing so others would not have the same issue.

Moving forward, I decided to purchase the full turbo kit for the 2013 Genesis Coupe V6. Unlike my previous turbo kit experience with eBay, this kit had everything I needed and it was a true bolt on for any mechanically inclined person. The install was not very difficult and only required basic tools and a bit of patience to get the V bands properly aligned. I'd say it is very similar difficulty to changing a clutch, but without the heavy lifting or fear of dropping a transmission/driveshaft on your face. With the instructions provided, it is a very straight forward process.

Installing the Turbo Kit in my garage May 2015

During my installation, I had a few questions about parts that seemed out of place or misaligned, but tech support was quick with a response to keep me calm and modding on. Everything fit perfectly into place and when I finally drove the car, it was INSANE. Power, throttle response, reliability, and lack of traction made me smile with a grin larger than the Joker... but I needed new tires. Even with a budget street tire on 255, I still got 13.0 at 113 mph in the quarter mile. That is fantastic considering no traction down low (my heavy foot may be to blame as this car normally does well flooring it at the track prior to the turbo). Now with a custom tune I am making 450 whp and the car now behaves very differently than when it was stock. It was like stepping into a whole new car. A new car where Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, are in for an unpleasant surprise. This "new car" beat all of its new peers.

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